Warmia and Mazury

Last changes: 25 September 2016

This is my the lovest place in the world. This page will be succesive suplemented by pictures, informations and impressions.
Bartąg - village close to Olsztyn
Dębiany - small village near Bartoszyce
Ełk - one of the main cities on Mazury
Gietrzwałd - famous village for pilgrims
Klebark Wielki - village 8 km far from Olsztyn
Klusy - village placed between Ełk and Orzysz
Kortowo - a quarter of Olsztyn - the university campus
Krutyń - amazing touristic village placed by Krutynia river
Leszno - small village placed 30 km on the east of Olsztyn
Masuny - village near Sępopol with ruins of pallace
Nerwik - small village on the east of Olsztyn, surrounded by forests
Ogródek - village near Ełk where lived Michał Kajka - Mazury poet
Olsztyn - the capitol of Warmia and Mazury
Równina Górna - village near Korsze
Sątoczno - small village between Sępopol and Korsze
Skomack Wielki - village between Orzysz and Ełk
Święta Lipka - famous village for pilgrims near Kętrzyn
Old Masury families