Valve and pump controller
Application: multicommutation and sequential flow analysis

Last modified: April 24, 2012

Downloading files:
valves.exe (667 KB) - main program file (v. 2.0)
valves.ini (1 KB) - configuration file

Hardware KSP-2 system:
Valve controller: SNV-212, UVCTR-16, UVPCTR-16
Pump controller: PPC-28, UVPCTR-16
Programmable timer: TM-232

Software and device features:
- controlling solenoid valves, pulse pumps, peristaltic pump,
- reduction of output supply power,
- output voltage: 12 V,
- max output currrent: 500 mA,
- number of outputs: 16,
- time resolution: 1 ms (LPT), 55 ms (USB),
- connection with the computer by the LPT port or USB